The product

CMMapper is a revolutionary software utility, which allows you to calibrate all leading CMMs without the need to be dependent on the CMM vendor. It can import, read and modify all error maps of most leading CMM vendors, whether the map is located in the CMM controller or in the CMM PC software.

CMMapper can export/save-back the new updated maps to the CMM controller.

CMMapper supports all leading controllers: Hexagon’s (FB2, B3C, DC), Mitutoyo’s (UC200, UC400), Wenzel’s, LK’s, Renishaw’s (UCC) and Zeiss’s (C99 controller). It supports 6, 21 and up to 34 parameters and helps in calculating new linearity and squareness values, based on the new collected compensation values.

CMMapper can be installed on any standard PC. Most likely on the calibration technician’s PC, or on the same PC which runs the software that collects the new compensation values.

CMM calibrators may collect the compensation data with the designated CMM calibration software of choice, or, they can use CMMapper to drive most leading CMM vendors and collect laser and level meter data.

After collecting the data, the calibrator can copy/enter the new values to CMMapper editor, which in turn generates any error map format based on the new data collection.

Cross-format conversion – CMMapper can convert any error map format type to any other error-map format type, making it easy for retrofitters to build error maps of their choice based on the old controller’s map.