Frequently Asked Questions

CMMapper is a revolutionary software utility, which allows you to calibrate all leading CMMs without the need to be dependent on the CMM vendor.

Here are some frequently asked questions, If you still haven’t got an answer, you are most welcome to contact us.

Generally, no. CMMapper is installed on the calibrator PC and does not require any special hardware. If the controller requires specific communication connector (like GPIB, UCcom or RS232), then the PC. on which CMMapper is installed, needs to include the relevant communication boards to support these connections (e.g. PCI board to support UCcom).

Yes. CMMapper provides a special app, called ‘XM-Comp’, which can drive almost all CMM models and collect the data, using Renishaw XL-80 laser tracker. Soon, CMMapper will also support API’s XD laser as well.

XM-Comp GUI does not support compensation value collection using step-gauges or KOBA gauges.

XM-Comp is not part of the license this website provides. To use XM-Comp, please contact us.

Note – In most cases the calibrator uses a part program that the client can provide him to drive the machine and generate the compensation values.

If the calibrator wants to drive a CMM with his own program, written in his own CMM client, he can use EasyCmm to do so. Please read here about EasyCmm.

Yes. It is recommended to create a backup of the retrieved map, before updating it. Simply create a copy of the imported file, so in the case the map you have updated and exported back to the controller, or placed in the relevant PC directory, does not work – you can always export the backup map you created in your PC.

CMMapper is making an automatic backup of the original map in Hexagon’s DC controllers. So, in case that after you updated the new map in the controller, for some reason the controller got locked and the CMM does not respond anymore, you can contact us and we will open the controller for you and restore the backup map that was saved in the controller.

Yes. Please use the contact us details (email or phone) and ask for online support. Our support team will use TeamViewer to connect to your PC and help you in real time.

CMMapper license expires at the last day of the rental period by midnight. In some cases the license might still work after midnight, but it will expire during the next day.

CMMapper does not violate any IP. It simply gives you access to the CMM’s error maps and builds an additional functionality on top of it. CMMapper is already used by many CMM calibration companies.

CMMapper trial gives you the ability to import any error-map from the supported CMMs, store them on your PC and edit/update them on the CMMapper editor application. The trial does not include the ability to save the updated map back in the controller. To do this you will need to rent a license.